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About Us


We realize there are few things in our world that endure for the ages. When it comes to building materials, typically, we want something that will outlast us. Right? Enter... Concrete. Concrete lasts longer than any other building material, hands down. Ancient ruins from thousands of years ago are only visible today because of their concrete construction! It's no wonder it's everywhere, whether commercial or residential, concrete is the proven and trusted building medium of choice. Also, with ongoing technology, finishes, and additives, concrete only gets better! We at Nation State Concrete are proud to be in this industry and work with a medium we wholeheartedly believe in.


I'm Travis Fager of Nation State Concrete, I'm a third-generation provider of masonry and concrete. It's my pleasure to work with you and deliver a concrete construction experience that results in both a long-lasting product and a good relationship. 

My family and team are right here in North Houston, we are eager and delighted to serve you. We trust in the quality and integrity of concrete and we stand behind our work.  


Coming from the Greater Houston area, we are a grass-roots kind of concrete construction company. We all share the same Texan values that you do too. The values of togetherness, respect, friendliness, and hospitality. And we bring all those same values into Nation State Concrete!  


At Nation State Concrete, concrete runs in our blood. It's what our fathers did. It's what our grandfathers did. We teach it to our children. We continually research and test other known methods to make sure we are as efficient as possible. Go with the team that knows everything about concrete and backs it up with beautiful concrete landscapes at Nation State Concrete. 


We keep ourselves fully informed with the latest trends and equipment to get the job done, on time, and on budget. We pride ourselves on taking the worry out of concrete construction, so you have a beautiful landscape once it's all done. Whether it's driveways, sidewalks, patios, decks, concrete slabs, overlays, full-build-up or repairs, we got your back at Nation State Concrete.

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